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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness
Joseph Pilates

Hi! My name is Lorraine Dufficey and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to feel

Pilates and Happiness

Teaching Pilates since 2005 Lorraine continues to enable all ages and abilities to connect and flow with their own bodies in the true spirit of Pilates.

Trained as a secondary level school teacher, fitness instructor, Pilates Instructor and neuromuscular therapist; she is a continuing student of the Diamond Approach, a path of realization that integrates psychotherapy and spirituality.

A mother to two young children, she has lived in West Cork since 2002.

I am inspired by finding ways and means to build a kinder relationship with our bodies, to empower and enhance our unique individual experience. In my classes and personal sessions all is welcome and all are welcome.

Pilates Classes

a Gentle Pilates for back and core strength

a Challenge Pilates for strength and flexibility

a Mindful Pilates, moving with awareness and control

a Restorative Pilates with meditation and body scan

a Corporate Pilates